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Jewish LGBTI Group Launched- 27th May 2005
Many Jews, upon realizing they are gay, have traditionally felt that they face a painful choice between their Jewish identity and their sexuality. However, increasingly, a new generation of Jews is developing a confidence to assert that there is no need to choose between their religious/cultural identity and sexuality. This group believes that is possible to be both proudly Jewish and proudly gay.

In realizing this philosophy, a group of dynamic individuals has recently formed the exciting new Jewish LGBTI group, Jewish OutLook. This group has been formed in the wake of the highly successful tour of the film Trembling before G-D to South Africa along with its director Sandi Dubowski and the gay Orthodox Rabbi Steven Greenberg. The discussions that took place after this film highlighted the need for a Jewish LGBTI group. It is envisaged that this group will perform a number of roles.

First, there is a real need for a support network to be offered to Jewish LGBTI people who are in the process of coming out. This can enable individuals to deal with often very strong feelings of alienation and isolation. Interestingly, many parents at the Trembling screenings also expressed a need for a support group in which to share experiences and to discuss how to deal with the coming out of their children.

Secondly, there is a real need for a social environment in which Jewish LGBTI people can meet one another. There are many cultural similarities as well as parallels in the experience of Jewish LGBTI people and many individuals have expressed the need for social settings in which to meet one another. Finally, it is felt that there is a need for political representation of LGBTI people within the Jewish community. On the other hand, Jewish people need some representation in the LGBTI community, for instance, by creating alliances and social networks with like-minded groups of other faiths.


Aims & Objectives